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Drones are being used everywhere today from personal photography to real estate. Safety is a major concern when climbing roofs to properly inspect homes. Depending on conditions and style of roof, traversing can be impossible. Using drones can eliminate climbing wet, slippery and steep pitched roofs. An Expert Inspection LLC uses state of the art drones using high quality 4K cameras. We are FAA licensed and fully insured!
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    Professional home inspections for buyers and sellers!
  2. Managing Director
    Inspecting the inside of a gas furnace
  3. Managing Director
    Inspecting the burners of a gas furnace
  4. Managing Director
    Discharge pipe missing on the temperature pressure relief valve of a water heater. Missing discharge pipes can lead to severe scalding if nearby when activated.
  5. Managing Director
    Excessive lint buildup observed on a clothes dryer vent. An obvious safety hazard!
  6. Managing Director
    Open ground on an electrical outlet. The risk of electric shock is increased if an outlet has an open ground, which can cause serious harm. An open ground also increases the risk of a power surge causing damage to the electronics plugged into it.
  7. Managing Director
    Electrical junction boxes should always have covers. Safety is a main concern. Covers help prevent people from touching the wires. In addition, if these connections were to fail, there is something to contain potential sparks that could result in a fire.
  8. Managing Director
    Testing a home's water pressure.
  9. Managing Director
    Notice the moss on the roof shingles? Moss can grow under and lift roof shingles allowing water and moisture to infiltrate structure.
  10. Managing Director
    Cracks on top of the chimney crown can allow water/moisture to enter chimney areas. These cracks can grow wider with the freeze/thaw cycles.